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Siberia is a lonely place. One woman in the far away remote village of Kamarchaga, located in the Siberian Taiga, has found a very entertaining hobby to help pass the time. Russian pensioner Olga Kostina has decorated her wooden home with over 30,000 plastic bottle caps. Over several years she collected caps from soda bottles and began using them to decorate the walls of her house with colorful patterns and images. Using a hammer and nails, she placed every single bottle cap by hand to create traditional macrame motifs and various images of creatures living in the neighboring woodland. Her home has become a local landmark. And she’s not planning on stopping her work until her house and adjacent structures are completely covered in bottle caps. Something tells me that she has the time. 

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Dorothy Torivio – Acoma

Dorothy Torivio was born in 1946 into the Acoma Pueblo. She is one of Acoma’s finest potters around today. She travels all over the U.S. demonstrating her skills. She has been making abstract designs on pottery since 1974. Dorothy would observe her Mother, Mary Valley, make pottery at a very young age. However, Dorothy was self taught and did not receive any direct instruction from her.

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Pup’s vest (work in progress)

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The stone coat

Design: Me, Ýr Jóhannsdóttir

Photographer: Magnús Andersen

Stone: Sigrún Perla Gísladóttir